A new adventure in Guatemala

An unexpected trip was a new adventure in Guatemala A business meeting sent me on a new adventure in Guatemala. It wasn’t on my bucket list of destinations to visit. In fact, it wasn’t even on my radar.   I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Guatemala. As my plane was preparing to land in […]

This is Egypt

Tour of Egypt I just recently returned from a 12-night tour of Egypt led by my friends Gary and his wife World Peace artist Andrea Smith. They have a love affair with Egypt and have taken many groups throughout the years. If I were ever going to Egypt, it would definitely be with Gary and […]

THIS is Why We Love Our Job!

One reason we love our job is that we love to travel. What other profession can you travel the world in a day (at least in your head)? One moment you’re working on an interisland trip and then next an Around the World trip with 52 segments, whew! Planning travel makes us want to travel […]

Rome ~ Off the Beaten Path

 When visiting Rome there’s the must do, the Coloseum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain & Spanish Steps.If you have time I would also recommend a visit to these other sights as well. Ostia Antica is about a 30 minute train ride and a short walk from Rome. It was settled around 400BC at the mouth of the […]

Celebrating 20 Years

Happy Birthday to Us! 20 years, time sure does fly by. We have certainly seen a lot of changes in the travel industry throughout the years. It is definitely a challenging business but when clients come back telling us about the fantastic time they had on their vacation, it’s worth it. It’s such a good […]

Venice Like A Local

By Bonnie Friedman Separated from the Italian Mainland by a few miles of shallow water, Venice is a world apart. For more than 14 centuries, the separation both isolated and protected it from foreign attack, the Pope, and Italian politics, allowing Venice to establish itself as a major trading hub and maritime power. The exotic […]

Are You a Luxury Traveler?

The Luxury of a Travel Consultant  At Captivating Journeys we consider ourselves luxury travel consultants. That doesn’t mean that we only book high end, expensive vacations. It means that we are able to offer a higher level of service when we are able to book your complete vacation package.  In addition to airfare our services […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This saying refers to the notion that an idea or memory can be conveyed with just a single still image. That is exactly what these pictures do for me.   My all time favorite. From my first trip to Europe, this picture embodies everything I imagined Europe to be.     A woman and her […]

My Wonderlust ~ Istanbul

My Wonderlust ~ Istanbul Istanbul is a feast for all your senses. With sights such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum and Topkapi Palace. The smells in the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market. The sounds of the call to prayer 5 times a day. The incredible tasting food and the feel of silk and […]

AH-Mazing Tahiti & Society Islands

The flight on Hawaiian from Honolulu to Papeete is a mere 6 hours, pretty painless. Upon entering the terminal we were greeted by local dancers and musicians. From there it’s a short 10 minute drive to the harbor. We purchased  the overpriced transfers from the cruise line but taxis are plentiful, cost is about 40.00-50.00. […]