THIS is Why We Love Our Job!

One reason we love our job is that we love to travel. What other profession can you travel the world in a day (at least in your head)? One moment you’re working on an interisland trip and then next an Around the World trip with 52 segments, whew!

Planning travel makes us want to travel too. Tina just came back from a wonderful trip to Italy. Here’s a picture of her in Tuscany.

More importantly, we love to help our clients discover and explore new places. We also like to add little touches to make your vacation just a little more special. It brightens our day hearing how excited our clients get when telling us about their new experiences and adventures.

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Here’s a few pictures of some happy clients.

I LOVE this last pic of these clients in Italy. They look like they are having a blast
in St Mark’s Square at high tide!

Until next time….